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About Me

Hello stranger.

I'm Priscilla A. Tramontano (but you can call me Prips for short). I'm illustrator, Comic book colourist, and a designer. This is my online portifolio, so, this page is filled with my artworks and projects. Hope you enjoy your stay. Cya!

Born | 12.10.1988

Headquarter | SP, Brazil

Likes ♥ | Art . Music . Robots . Dinosaurs . Daft Punk . Gorillaz . Monsters . Comics . Robert Downey Jr . IM2 . SW



- IDW's Spotlight Jazz(Colors for Cover and interiors);

- IDW's Spotlight Metroplex(Colors for Cover and interiors);

- Colors for the covers: Ironhide, Maximum Dinobots, Transformers Animeted, Spotlight Cliffjumper;

- I also have worked as package art' colourist of some of the Transformers toy lines, for Hasbro;

- (Visual layout and art)


Published Works




[email protected]